Congratulations to John-Michael Thiesen on a Shelter Care hearing win saving a family placement for a newborn child!

Mr. Thiesen’s client gave birth to her child while she was in prison.  During her pregnancy, Mr. Thiesen’s client had made arrangements for her mother to care for the baby once the baby was born.  However, after the baby was born the Department of Human services took the baby and wanted to put the baby in foster care because Mr. Thiesen’s client’s mother had been accused of possessing drugs two years ago.  The Department of Human Services didn’t care that the prosecutor dismissed that allegation at the very first court hearing because there was not actually probable cause to support that accusation.  At the hearing, Mr. Thiesen proved that the family plan his client had prepared was safe for this newborn and the judge agreed.  The Department of Human Services case was therefore dismissed and the child returned to the family!