1 - Call us at (503) 693-7505 and tell the receptionist you wish to schedule a consultation.  This is the necessary first step for us to begin working for you.

2 - Don't talk about your case with other people.  Anyone not working for your attorney can be called as a witness against you.  Friends can be forced to testify against you even though they don't want to testify.  Although you might not think you are saying anything that might hurt your case, it might be misheard, and it definitely can limit what your attorney can do for you.  It is best not to talk to anyone about the facts of your case unless your attorney has told you it is safe to do so!

3 - If you are talking to someone in jail, or you might be going to jail, remember that every phone conversation with people other than your attorney is being recorded.  They really do record everything and they really do listen to the recordings.  We have received audio recording of our client's phone conversations many times.  See # 2 above.  


Email Us

We are happy to begin our relationship by email.  Just email us at frontdesk@myfamilyfirm.com and say you wish to schedule a consultation.  Please include a phone number we can use to call you to arrange the time.  Please remember that we have not accepted your case and will not be representing you until we have met with you and agreed to represent you.

Email Us

Our Address

233 E Main, Suite 200, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

We are on the second floor of the Weil Arcade in Hillsboro.  This is in the middle of the block on Main Street between 2nd and 3rd.  There is an orange (some say red) door between the Hillsboro Pharmacy and the Players Deli - that door leads to us.  There is also an elevator in the adjoining breezeway.  

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