Since 1996, Ron Ridehalgh has been defending people and families.  In early 1997, Mr. Ridehalgh began doing so in Washington County Oregon.  We are now a five attorney law firm specializing in Adult Criminal Defense and Juvenile Court Defense.  Today we are leading providers in Washington County for the defense of DUII cases, Domestic Violence cases and Juvenile Law cases.  Should you be dealing with a first time DUII or Domestic Violence case, Ron Ridehalgh is the 'Advisory Counsel' and 'Deferred Sentencing Counsel' the court references.  Should you have a 'Shelter Care Hearing' in juvenile court, we are one of the main firms contacted by the court to represent parents and children.  Necessarily, our office also helps people with family law litigation (divorce/child custody/support).


Our Mission

If you have been accused of a crime or DHS is involved with your children, you may be feeling alone and overwhelmed.  To proceed with confidence, you need an experience criminal law and juvenile law defense attorney.  Our office believes that justice requires an aggressive defense.  Plans for that defense must begin promptly upon an accusation.  Our mission is to provide aggressive strategy based defenses to allegations and to advise our clients on how to best and most quickly achieve their goals all while ensuring that the legal system treats our clients with the dignity that every member of our society deserves. 



In 2015, the Oregon Public Defense Services Commission performed an in-depth review of criminal and juvenile defense law firms in Washington County.  The review brought in attorneys from around Oregon to interview "nearly 50 people including judges, court staff, prosecutors, Sheriff's staff, provider administrators, attorneys and staff, Juvenile Department personnel, representatives of the Probation and Parole Division, case workers with the Department of Human Services, a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) supervisor and others."  Page 3 Washington County Service Delivery Review September 2015.  Regarding our firm, the Commission made findings that "Attorneys with the Ridehalgh firm are said to be knowledgeable, prepared and committed to doing good work.  Mr. Ridehalgh was specifically praised for his work with both the domestic violence deferred sentencing docket and the DUII diversion docket, and for his management of the firm.  The firm's work in juvenile dependency cases was described overall as very good, and the firm was noted as one that provides excellent training and oversight."  Page 19 Washington County Service Delivery Review September 2015.

Every attorney in our office is a Trial Attorney! We are most at home in the Courtroom.

Our Attorneys

  • Ron Ridehalgh became an attorney in 1996 and has practiced criminal defense and juvenile dependency (child abuse and neglect) ever since.  Today, he specializes in the primary defense attorney for the Washington County Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing Program and as the Washington County DUII Advisory Counsel for people eligible for the DUII Diversion Program. 
  • Jennelle Johnson has been with our firm since 2004.  She has spend the entirety of her career as a trial attorney in various criminal law defense cases, juvenile dependency cases and business law cases. Ms. Johnson is our senior trial attorney handling mostly felony and child support cases.  
  • Tyler Beach has been with our firm since 2013.  Like all of our attorneys, he is a trial lawyer.  He litigates criminal defense and family law (divorce, custody, restraining orders, etc) cases.  Previously, he worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the Polk County District Attorney's office and also as a clerk for the Clackamas County Circuit Court.
  • John-Michael Thiesen has been with our firm since 2014.  He handles trial work focused on juvenile law.  He handles mostly child abuse and neglect cases.  He works extensively representing parents (some children also) dealing with DHS involvement.  At every stage he is there. Before joining our office, Mr. Thiesen was a clerk for the Clackamas County Circuit Court and earlier as a clerk for the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.  
  • Thomas Goldman joined our office in 2015.  He is our lead attorney handling most of our probation violation cases and restraining order violation cases.  Like every other attorney here, he is a trial attorney.  Before joining our firm, Mr. Goldman was a clerk for the Lane County District Attorney's Office and a clerk for the Lane County Circuit Court.