Congratulations to Tyler Beach on a two day two count win!

Mr. Beach’s client has had a lot of criminal law problems in his past.  In this case, he was accused to opening someone’s door and hitting them.  If convicted, it was expected that Mr. Beach’s client would go to prison for 30 months.  As is a theme with defense attorneys, the case was won by cross examination.  While cross examining the person claiming to be a victim, Mr. Beach got two important statements.  One regarded how the door opened (to the left or right) and the specific day and time this all supposedly occurred.  As to the door, the photos of the door showed that the claim was false because the door didn’t open that direction.  More amazingly, the date this person claimed it all happened was a day Mr. Beach proved his client happened to have been in jail that entire day.  Naturally, Mr. Beach dove into this person’s motivations to make up this story.  The natural result was a not guilty verdict!