Congratulations to Thomas Goldman on an amazing sentencing!

Mr. Goldman’s client was facing driving under the influence convictions number five and six.  Due to the dates of convictions for numbers one through three, these new charges only faced 364 days of jail each (for a total of two days short of two years).  The evidence was so strong that although Mr. Goldman would normally pursue a trial under such circumstances, he instead focused on pre-trial motions and sentencing mitigation.  At the final stage, the prosecutor was demanding that Mr. Goldman’s client serve at least six months of jail.  After Mr. Goldman’s presentation, the judge imposed a total of 4 days of jail with 16 more days of custody, but with eligibility for all programs (work release, etc).  Since, Mr. Goldman’s client has already done that time prior to this stage of the case, Mr. Goldman’s client faced no additional jail time.