Congratulations to John-Michael Thiesen on saving another family!

Mr. Thiesen’s client was a poor single dad.  He was running behind on his payments to his day care provider.  His day care provider, however, was willing to allow Mr. Thiesen’s client to run up a debt while the he was struggling financially.  Unfortunately, DHS believed that an inability to keep current with day care expenses was a threat to a child’s safety and therefore this child should be removed from his father care.  The fact that this child’s home was considered safe and he was receiving sufficient food and clothing – and that the day care provider was willing to continue to care for the child while his dad was unable – did not dissuade DHS.  So, DHS filed a request with the court to remove this child from his father.  At the shelter care hearing (the court appearance when DHS asks a judge to confirm a decision to remove a child from a family) Mr. Thiesen presented all the evidence showing that all the physical and psychological needs of this child were being met by his dad and also presented the prior case law on this issue pointing out that merely being poor is not a reason to have one’s child removed from home and place into the foster care system.  The judge agreed, no removal was allowed and the case against this family was dismissed!