Congratulations to Thomas Goldman on a Not Guilty avoiding deportation.

Mr. Goldman’s client was accused of Assault 4 and Harassment in a domestic relationship.  His client is not a US citizen.  He was eligible for the Washington County Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing Program.  Although that option would result in both charges being dismissed, it would also likely result in his deportation due to the requirement that he admit to committing the Assault charge.  So, his client really had no option but to go to trial.  At trial, the evidence from the prosecution was that Mr. Goldman’s client had punched his girlfriend in the face causing obvious injury.  If that was believed by the jury, it is essentially the crime of Assault 4.  Mr. Goldman naturally challenged everything.  The jury returned with a Not Guilty on the Assault 4 and a Guilty on the Harassment.  Mr. Goldman’s client was therefore saved.  He will still have to do domestic violence treatment pursuant to the Harassment conviction – but, he always agreed that he needed to engage in that treatment.  Now, he can do that treatment and continue to work his way to US citizenship.