Congratulations to Tyler Beach on another Domestic Violence charge victory!

Mr. Beach’s client stood accused of the crime of Harassment in a domestic violence situation.  This particular type of Harassment meant that his client could receive six months of jail should he have been convicted.  On the day of trial, the prosecutor arrived missing a witness to ‘authenticate’ the 911 call recording.  That recording was massively important to the prosecution’s case against Mr. Beach’s client.  Mr. Beach therefore made a motion to ‘exclude’ the 911 recording because there was no evidence that the recording had anything to do with this case.  The argument centered on whether the prosecutor had done his work.  The specific argument is whether the prosecution made the proper attempts to obtain the witness.  If the prosecutor had, then the witness was ‘unavailable’ and the 911 recording would be allowed as evidence.  If not, the recording was not proper evidence.  Mr. Beach prevailed and convinced the judge that witness was not ‘unavailable’ and therefore the 911 recording was not admitted as evidence.  After the prosecution rested later that day, Mr. Beach made a ‘motion for judgment of acquittal’ and prevailed.  Accordingly, the case against Mr. Beach’s client was dismissed.