Congratulations to Jennelle Johnson on a probation violation win where her client was looking at 18 month of custody if she lost!

Ms. Johnson’s client tried to obey the order of his sentencing judge.  At his sentencing, the judge listed out his obligations and those things he was prohibited from doing.  Should he violate those instructions, he is expected to go to prison for 18 months.  When the judge’s staff produced the actual ‘judgment of conviction’ it differed from what the judge said during the hearing.  So without knowing it, he was violating the rules in the ‘judgment’ immediately even though he was complying with what the judge had said.  The prosecution wanted him to be found in violation of his probation and sentenced due to this.  Ms. Johnson obtained the audio of the hearing and offered it to the prosecutor to prove what the judge had actually said; but, the prosecutor didn’t want to listen to it.  So, at the hearing, Ms. Johnson made the prosecutor and judge listen.  Accordingly, the allegation against Ms. Johnson’s client was dismissed