Congratulations to Jennelle Johnson on another Assault Domestic Violence Case Jury Win!

Ms. Johnson’s client was accused of assault in the fourth degree.  This carries up to 364 days of jail (it used to be one year, but was reduced by one day).  The case was a ‘he said, she said’ situation where the only witnesses to the event were the person claiming this occurred and Ms. Johnson’s client saying it didn’t.  This is fairly common in domestic violence cases.  This case, however, had a problem.  The complaining ‘victim’ had a large goose egg on her forehead that she didn’t have before the argument.  That obvious injury had to be explained.  Of course, she said that Ms. Johnson’s client had punched her in the forehead causing that swelling and pain.  Ms. Johnson’s client said he didn’t know how she was injured and that she must have self-inflicted it. 


Preparation (as is always essential) won this case for Ms. Johnson.  When it was time for the complaining ‘victim’ to be cross examined, Ms. Johnson tore into each of her inconsistencies and motivations.  When it was time for Ms. Johnson’s client to testify, he was ready.  He testified calmly, consistency, and clearly.  Within an hour after the jury went to the jury room, they returned with a verdict of Not Guilty.