Congratulations to Thomas Goldman on a Domestic Violence Assault Win at the Very Start of Trial!

Mr. Goldman’s client was accused of shoving his former girlfriend against a car and hitting her.  This was supposedly done in a public park in front of many witnesses.  Having a group of strangers testify that they saw something, and that something was all the same, would normally be a problem for defense.  Here, however, the police reports were suspicious in that all the statements were too prosecution friendly.  Investigating the case, Mr. Goldman saw that this case needed to go to trial because these claims of uniformity of witness opinion did not match the physical reality of where people were at the time of the event.  Since the prosecutor would not discuss the case nor talk to the witnesses until the start of trial (not unusual in misdemeanor cases), Mr. Goldman had to wait until the morning of trial.  With all the witnesses there, the witnesses confirmed to the prosecutor that what they saw and said was not what the police wrote in the reports.  Seeing the hopelessness of obtaining a conviction, the prosecutor dismissed the case rather than be defeated at trial.