Congratulations to Jennelle Johnson on a 0.25 Blood Alcohol Content DUII Dismissal!

Ms. Johnson’s client was arrested for DUII and the evidence showed that he had a 0.25 blood alcohol content.  Her client had been found parked alone in the car.  He said that he drank alone in the car while parked there but the police didn’t believe him.  Since he was alone, it was his word against the police (and Ms. Johnson’s client didn’t have any alcohol bottles in her car) – not a great position to be in.  Ms. Johnson went looking for a corroborating witness.  There was a gas station by where her client had been parked.  The employee who had worked the shift when her client was arrested, no longer worked at the gas station.  But, Ms. Johnson found him anyway and obtained a detailed witness statement confirming her client’s explanation.  Seeing the likely result from a jury, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.