Congratulations to John-Michael Thiesen on saving another family from DHS (child welfare).

At birth, a child tested positive at the hospital for methamphetamines.  However, nothing about the mother appeared to fit the normal experience of a methamphetamine using mother.  So, the hospital retested the sample.  The result showed no drugs present.  The first test was in error.  Nine months later, DHS contacts the family and told them they must now submit to DHS decisions regarding their child’s placement (where the child may live) and they must engage in drug treatment pursuant to DHS instructions.  The family told DHS the hospital’s initial test was a mistake (as the hospital said).  However, DHS still filed for a court order to remove their now nine month old baby and place that child in foster care.  Mr. Thiesen challenged the legitimacy of everything DHS was doing to this family at the ‘shelter care hearing’ -  this is the first court appearance when DHS wishes to enforce power over a family.  Mr. Thiesen won and the family was allowed to stay together without DHS control of their lives.