Congratulations to Ron Ridehalgh on a DVDS Violation Hearing Win

Mr. Ridehalgh’s client was involved in the Washington County Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing program.  This is a program for persons accused of a first time domestic violence crimes who may agree to treatment (and many other conditions) in exchange for dismissal of the criminal charges at the conclusion of treatment.  One of the conditions is that a person in this program may not commit any new crimes or engage in ‘offensive behavior’.   Mr. Ridehalgh’s client was accused of committing a new crime by being in a physical fight and that this conduct was ‘offensive’.  If found in violation of the agreement due to this allegation, Mr. Ridehalgh’s client would very likely have been removed from the program.  This would cause a criminal conviction and possibly jail.  Through only cross examination of the prosecutor’s witness, Mr. Ridehalgh established a self-defense claim that the prosecution could not overcome.  Accordingly, no violation of the Deferred Sentencing program was found and Mr. Ridehalgh’s client was allowed to continue in the program.