Congratulations to Tyler Beach on Motion Argument for Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing Program

Mr. Beach’s client was accused of a domestic violence offense, was eligible for the Washington County Deferred Sentencing Program (this results in dismissal of the charges after treatment) and wished to enter the Program.  However, when our client and her partner experienced this event, our client posted an online intimate photo of the other person.  This constituted a new crime – generally called ‘revenge porn’ (this is not the actual name of the crime; but it is what people call it).  Due to this additional charge, the prosecutor objected to Mr. Beach’s client’s entry into the Program. 

During argument to the court, Mr. Beach stressed the underlying issues of control involved with domestic violence, the immediate nature of his client’s acts and how it was clearly another form of controlling behavior that this Program is designed to address.  The judge agreed with the analysis and allowed entry into the Program.