Congratulations to Jennelle Johnson in keeping her client home in Juvenile Court

Ms. Johnson represented a 14 year old girl who lives with her grandparents.  This is this girl’s home and the grandparents have been raising her.  Ms. Johnson’s client loves this home and her grandparents and wishes to stay with them until she goes to college.  Sadly, her grandfather is showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease.  Because of the grandfather’s illness, DHS Child Welfare decided to remove Mr. Johnson’s client from her home and place her in foster care because DHS believed it was unsafe to have a caregiver for a child if that caregiver is showing signs of Alzheimer.  Naturally, Ms. Johnson’s client disagreed and wanted to say at home with her grandparents.  Ms. Johnson went directly to court and got the judge to prevent DHS from removing this girl from her home, to dismiss DHS’ involvement with this family and grant the grandparents guardianship of Ms. Johnson’s client.