Congratulation to Thomas Goldman on another Jury Win

Mr. Goldman’s client was accused of Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants.  This charge carries up to 1 year of jail (there is another form of this charge that carries up to 5 years), up to $6,250.00 in fines and an automatic minimum 1 year driver license suspension.  The police testified that they saw Mr. Goldman’s client drinking alcohol in the car, that the car had both empty alcohol containers and an open container.  Our client was also not supposed to be driving because our client’s driver license had already been revoked.  Finally, our client refused to submit to the breathalyzer test. 


Despite all of the above, Mr. Goldman successfully convinced the jury that the prosecutor could not prove whether his client had been drinking before driving or how much the alcohol might have affected hisclient while driving.  Accordingly, the jury found Mr. Goldman’s client Not Guilty.