Argument Win by Tyler Beach on a DUII Diversion Case

Our office handles many DUII diversion cases.  We, of course, also handle many non-diversion eligible DUII cases.  Mr. Beach had a DUII case where the district attorney objected to eligibility to diversion because our client obtained the DUII charge while on a release agreement for a felony domestic violence case.  At the initial hearing before the judge who handles all Washington County DUII diversion cases, the judge agreed to schedule a contested hearing to consider Mr. Beach’s argument; but the Judge also said he was probably not going to allow Mr. Beach’s client into diversion.  For the hearing, Mr. Beach prepared many argument and examples from other cases to present to the court.  The result: the judge agreed with Mr. Beach and let Mr. Beach’s client into Diversion.  By the way, if you are out of jail on a release agreement, please don’t commit a crime – doing so really creates a lot of problems.