Congratulations to Tyler Beach on a Probation Violation Hearing Win

Mr. Beach’s client was on probation for an assault conviction.  His client only had one more month of probation.  However, in that last month an allegation of ‘offensive contact’ was made.  This is a particularly bad allegation to have given his circumstances.  Should Mr. Beach’s client be found in violation for this reason, Mr. Beach’s client could both be imprisoned and could have the length of time on probation extended.  Through rigorous cross examination of the complaining person, Mr. Beach established that her story had reasons to be distrusted.  Accordingly, Mr. Beach convinced the judge that the judge could not determine that it was more likely than not that Mr. Beach’s client had engaged in ‘offensive contact.’  Accordingly, no violation was found and Mr. Beach’s client was able to stay out of custody and to finish is last month of probation.