Congratulations to Thomas Goldman on obtaining a dismissal of juvenile court involvement with a daughter and her father

Mr. Goldman represented a father in juvenile court.  Six years prior, the mother had taken their daughter from Montana and came to Oregon.  Here in Oregon, she concealed the daughter so that Mr. Goldman’s client could not find either of them.  Eventually, the Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division took the daughter into their care because of the negligent care provided by mother.  Because of this governmental action, the father was notified that his daughter had been found.  Since the daughter had not seen her father in six years, Oregon DHS wanted the mother’s family to keep the daughter.  Of course, Mr. Goldman’s client wanted to reestablish his relationship with his daughter and to care for her.  Through months of litigation and ‘motion practice’ Mr. Goldman obtained an order requiring the Oregon DHS to return the daughter to her father.  They are now back home in Montana