Congratulations to Thomas Goldman on a Court of Appeals Win

Mr. Goldman’s client was accused of violating a stalking order by going to his child’s school and entering the building to ask for a copy of his child’s records.  This was allowed by the court order.  However, the prosecutor argued that when he rang the doorbell asking to be let into the office, the ten second wait for the staff to open the door for him constituted him ‘waiting outside the school.’  Mr. Goldman naturally argued that a momentary pause to open a locked door is not the type of behavior intended to be prohibited by an order that forbid lurking outside the school.  In fact, the order specially allowed his client to go the school to pick up his child and to request records.  Unfortunately, the trial level judge decided in favor of the prosecutor.  However, the Court of Appeals returned a decision holding that Mr. Goldman was correct and instructing the trial judge to enter a dismissal.