Congratulations to Jennelle Johnson - Child Endangerment Case

Ms. Johnson's client was accused of 'Endangering the Welfare of Minor.'  The facts boil down to this: the police raid a house that they believed was a drug house.  During the raid they found our client in a bedroom babysittinga child.  Drugs were found in the living room.  Our client had nothing to do with the drugs, but had moved into the home a couple weeks before and, while babysitting, is responsible for the child.  In Oregon, it is a crime to knowingly have a child in the presence of illegal activity - like possessing and selling drugs (the police had previously made an undercover purchase of drugs in that living room).  Ms. Johnson successfully argued that her client didn't know there were drugs in the living room and that he was in with the child in a different room.  Thankfully, before the trial started, Ms. Johnson won an argument over evidence that kept out of the trial a little annoying, but not relevant fact: there was a loaded gun in a bag on the floor of the bedroom.  The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.  

Endangering the Welfare of a Minor - ORS 163.575 - carries up to 1 year of jail and a fine of up to $6,250.