Another Restraining Order Win by Tyler Beach

Many people abuse the restraining order system.  Obtaining a restraining order can give a person custody of children and possession of the family home without the other person even knowing a court has become involved.  The first a person knows of the case is when the already signed order is served upon them by a sheriff.  The disadvantage this creates in divorces and child custody matters is only exacerbated by the lasting black mark such an order places upon someones record that can cause long term legal harm.  To oppose that disadvantage and harm one must respond quickly and vigorously.  Within our firm, Tyler Beach has been handling most of our challenges to restraining orders.  Yesterday, Tyler fought one of these in Multnomah County.  With Tyler's witnesses subpoenaed and waiting to testify, Tyler began his cross examination of the opponent party (the petitioner).  Tyler delved into all the specifics of every claim she had made.  At the end of his cross of that witness, the judge agreed that the restraining order was not valid and dismissed the order.  Tyler didn't even need to offer his witnesses.